Saturday, February 11, 2006

Review: "The Negotiator"- Dee Henderson

"The Negotiator", written by Dee Henderson, is a compelling novel. Henderson intertwines captivating characters with an intense plotline. This suspense/romance novel combines pulse-pounding action, puzzling connections, and a what sems to be an underlying developing romance between Dave Richman, an FBI special agent, and Kate O'Malley, a top hostage negotiator. Through the twists and turns of this book, Henderson enchants the reader with a mixture of romance and suspense, while endorsing the idea behind the true values of family and friendship.

I would recommend "The Negotiator" to anyone who loves trying to piece together
puzzles. (Henderson has masterfully written what I would call a "literary puzzle.") I would also consider this book to be a good read for anyone who appreciates the value of family, even the value of a non-traditional family. Finally, I would recommend "The Negotiator" for anyone who has ever loved somebody so hurt.


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