Sunday, April 30, 2006

Norm Violation

Our social norm violation was that we went up to people we did not know in Estes and asked them how they felt about female orgasms. We received a variety of responses which ranged from laughter to absolute repulsion. In general, the women felt more uneasy about bein asked about this than the men. Men generally laughed and said "it rocks". With one couple we asked, the woman was compeltely offended. She yelled at us and asked us why we would ask her something like that while she was eating and she was not going to answer our question because she felt it was "inapropriate". On the other hand, one group of women we asked appeared shocked at first, but then were able to respond in a positive manner.
We chose this as our norm violation because sex in general is a taboo subject, and the female orgasm is an especially taboo topic. People do not generally consider the female orgasm when they talk about sex, which caused most of the people we spoke to to be caught completley off guard to the point where they didn't know how to respond. When there was a mand and a woman in the group, the guy was more likely to respond, and the woman would generally agree with whatever the man said. However, when we spoke with the woman who responded by being offended, we noticed that she spoke up after the mand did not respond. We assume that this reaction was due to the fact that she felt that if she responded to our question in a postitive manner, he might view her in a negative way. We believe this because of male dominance in our society. This was further enhanced with another man's statement that the male orgams are what are most important in sexual relationships.


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