Friday, May 05, 2006

Near Death Experiences In Children

I was sitting in the doctor's office looking at a copy of Reader's Digest when I noticed an article on the near death experiences of children. I thought it was interesting that the doctors who studied these cases were able to determine that the children, who ranged in ages 5-17, were in fact having near death experiences and were not just simply hallucinating. However, the question this brought to my mind was that of religion. The article said that the children all described very similar occurences. What I was wondering was whether or not these children all had similar religious backgrounds. The article said they used children's experiences because they did not have the same fear of sharing their experiences as an adult would have. They were less tainted by the world and the social implications of what they were telling the doctors. This may be true, but most children are exposed to religion at a very young age. This leaves me wondering if the doctors had patients who they knew for a fact were raised, for example, Christian, Pagan, Hindu, and Athiest, would they all report similar experiences? The ultimate question this leads up to is if these experiences are sufficient evidence of an afterlife, and if so, which religion is correct in their guidance to this afterlife? I have always been fascinated with these types of studies and I think there is still much more to learn.


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