Saturday, May 06, 2006


I was eating dinner with my parents in a rather pricey Japanese Steakhouse last night when I realized our society causes people, especially high school girls, to feel the need to behave a certain way around boys in order to conform to a certain image. There was a group of high school students seated across from us who were on their way to the prom. I watched in amusement as the two girls hardly touched their meals which probably cost around $30 each, while the boys cleaned their plates, and then commenced to pick at what was on the girls' plates. The girls were both obscenely thin, so I'm sure a good meal wouldn't have hurt either one of them. However, because of the social stigma placed on women in America today to stay as thin as possible, it is most likely that the thought of actually eating their food never occured to them. Some people may refute my idea by saying they may have just been nervous. I'll say that perhaps this might have been a factor, but if you look around, it is very obvious that women today are under a great deal of pressure to be as thin as possible. Our role models over the years have transformed from people such as Marilyn Monroe, who by today's standards would have been condsidered to be full figured, to Twiggy, to the supermodels who slink down the catwalks of todays fashion runways. This trend produces unhealthy eating patterns in women who feel that in order to be beautiful they must starve themselves down to an "ideal" weight.


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